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Advanced Septic Consulting,Inc.

Advanced Septic Consulting,Inc. is a full service operation. We will walk you through each step of the design and permitting process. The first step is test holes. These are necessary to determine what type of system will be required. We offer this service as part of the design process. Proper placement of test holes is crucial. Soils on a parcel can vary greatly.

Often times a few inches can mean thousands of dollars difference in price. Once the ideal location for the septic has been determined a design layout is performed. All design layouts are done to scale using AutoCad software and can easily be converted to PDF format and E-Mailed for your use.

After the design has been completed we put all of your septic related permit application paperwork together and will even submit the permit applications for you as an additional service upon request. Once the Permit has been issued in most counties we will perform a final inspection followed by an accurate As-Built Drawing which will be turned in to the local health department to be recorded to your property information.

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Services Offered

* Septic system repair design
* New system design
* OSS verification / reconnection reports
* Design consulting
* Innovative alternative systems
* Residential Design
* Commercial Design
* Development Consulting
* Permit application processing

Did You Know?

Additives are not recommended in most cases for your septic system.Your system will produce bacteria to digest sewage naturally.

Many additives can actually damage a system by causing solids to suspend and pass through the system into the downstream treatment component. It is recomended that before you have your system pumped you have your scum and sludge layers measured and only pump when levels require it to be done.

As long as the system is within the recommended parameters for operation it is not necessary to pump your tanks. Septic inspections are required by state code on Standard Systems every 3 years and Yearly on all other systems (unless otherwise specified).

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