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Septic Design Professional

In an industry where a few inches of soil can mean several thousand dollars in price difference. Advanced Septic Consulting Inc. specializes in Site Evaluations and low impact land clearing. By understanding site characteristics and designing to utilize the best soils possible we can often safe money through lower cost systems and better design placement.

It is important to understand your site characteristics and the different obstacles you will face through the development process. As a service to our customers we process your septic permit applications at no extra costs to you.

You simply pay the counties fees and we will process the applications for you!


We highly recommend Travis Buck for septic design, for the following reasons: He helped us understand the process and explained it in detail (including the soil science), and patiently answered our questions; he shared key industry knowledge with us, as we finalized the system's plan and selected a construction contractor; it was obvious from our meetings with the county that they trust him and are happy to work with him (compared to other septic designers who are not as skilled or not as honest); and when we had a sudden problem during our construction he helped us create a solution acceptable to the county and our installers. -

KE and JE, Woodland.

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